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Small Pet Hutches, Cages & Runs

Pet Rabbit Hutches, Hamster Cages and Rabbit Runs

Welcome to our rabbit hutches, rabbit runs and rabbit homes website category page. The Pet Warehouse Co proudly stock Rosewood and Sharples & Grants quality pet rabbit hutches with runs so your pet can exercise safely and freely. Our pet rabbit hutches are also suitable as guinea pig hutches and are built using quality materials and weather treated stain which is pet safe, to provide a secure safe environment for your rabbit. So why not give your pet a dry comfortable happy rabbit home to reside in.

What Size Rabbit Hutch?

Please remember your pet rabbit also needs regular exercise so be sure to select a rabbit hutch which gives your pet enough space to play,  alternatively, one of our rabbit hutch or guinea pig runs to go with your pets new home so that your rabbit has enough space to play and keep healthy, most of our rabbit and guinea pig hutches also have pull out plastic trays for ease of cleaning and hinged roofs for easy access enabling you to care for your pet more easily.

Free UK Delivery is available on all our rabbit homes which are securely packaged to ensure that your hutch arrives in perfect condition. The rabbit hutches are sent flat packed for ease of handling and are very easy to assemble on arrival with clear easy to follow instructions.

Please click on one of the pictures below to find out more information about the features and sizing dimensions of that particular Rabbit Hutch or Guinea Pig Hutch.

Hamster Cages and Homes

If you are looking for the perfect cage for your favourite little rodent we have what you are looking for at The Pet Warehouse Co. We stock a wide variety of hamster cages, gerbilariums, mouse cages and rodent tanks with all the accessories your little buddy needs. Most of our rodent homes come with exercise wheels, feeding bowls and water bottles. They are specifically designed to keep your pet safe, secure and provide entertainment.

When buying a Hamster Cage

Look for hamster cages which will provide your hamster or mouse with a exercise wheel, hide out home and that it is constructed from strong wire with a hard plastic base. Remember that rodents can chew through most things eventually so look out for any damage to the cage. The Home'n' Play Delux Hamster Home or the Rosewood Adobe Hamster Cage or Mouse Home provide all these features.

When buying Gerbilariums

Gerbils LOVE to tunnel and burrow. Make sure that your gerbilarium has enough depth to it so that you can add enough litter/ wood shavings, for the gerbil to tunnel through. The Rosewood Adobe Gerbilarium is ideal for this.

A look at the different type of Hamster Cages and Gerbilariums

Small Gerbils can often fit through the small gaps in hamster cages that have been designed as homes for hamsters.

If you have a small hamster or gerbil, and you want to be sure look at dwarf hamster cages or gerbilariums that are suitable for smaller hamsters and gerbils, as the bars are a lot smaller sized than some of the more conventional hamster cages, which limits the chances of your gerbil or dwarf hamster escaping and burrowing inside your furniture instead!

Whichever hamster or gerbil cage you chose to purchase, be sure to go with the kind of cage that is suitable for your type of hamster. Once you have chosen your cage, then you will need to find an appropriate place in your home to put the hamster cage in. Not all places are appropriate, and it is essential that you select the right place were it is not too hot or cold.

Aquarium Style Hamster Cages and Gerbil Tanks

Aquariums or Gerbil Tanks - For dwarf hamster varieties and Gerbils, this could well be one of the best types of Gerbil or hamster home. The solid plastic or glass enclosure allows complete visibility and also prevents escape, it also prevents food and bedding from being littered onto the surrounding areas were the hamster cage is situated. One slight downfall with these types of hamster home is there is no natural air flow, and the bedding etc, must be cleaned often to prevent the build up of ammonia fumes in the hamster cage.

A secure ventilated lid is included to help vent the hamster cage and a special hanger is normally used to secure the water bottle due to the cage being made from plastic or glass, the aquarium style cages are normally cheaper then the others types of hamster cages and many customers choose to buy two, so that the hamsters or Gerbils may be put in the other cage while the other one is being cleaned.

Plastic Hamster Cages and Gerbilariums

Plastic cages - These hamster cages or sometimes known as gerbilariums are like the aquariums in their level of security and litter containment, but unlike aquariums there design is more geared towards the more smaller rodents such as dwarf hamsters or gerbils.

The lid is again vented to keep the air circulating preventing the build up of ammonia, and some of the modular models offer snap-on tubes and compartments to allow your pet additional exercise opportunities. One drawback of this is that it is a little harder to remove the hamster for cuddling as they tend to hide in the pipes and tunnels but makes for a much happier hamster or gerbil its down to your individual preference really!

Traditional Barred Wired Hamster Cages and Gerbilariums

Barred wire hamster cages and Gerbilariums with plastic trays - the more traditional hamster home is the barred wire hamster cage with a much deeper bottom tray. These provide really good air flow, but it is also important to place the cage away from drafts which could make your pet sick. Multi-storey cages allow more space that hamsters and gerbils need for excercise and running around. Traditional hamster homes are not suitable for dwarf hamsters, dwarf hamsters or smaller rodents which may require a smaller cage such as a mice cage or aquarium style cage as mentioned above

After you have chosen your cage you will then need to add the substrate, you could also add card board items that your hamster can eat to develop a home for himself. You may also want to buy a "hamster igloo" within which your hamster can develop its home. Otherwise, improvise something that will offer your hamster with a place to cover up and snuggle down in, normally during the day as hamsters are nocturnal by nature.

Of course, you will also need to put the food bowl and a water container within the hamster cage as well. The pet warehouse company offer some really good starter packs with everything needed to set up a really good hamster home which in most cases save you money on purchasing the items separatley. We also sometimes recommend a squeeze water container so that it doesn't wet the bedding etc.

You should also add a wide range of toys and games to offer your hamster with psychological and actual activation. Most essential is a hamster wheel so they can excercise.

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