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Dog Dog Health & Hygiene

You may well be surprised to hear that dogs can suffer from stress in fact stress applies to all living things not just humans, stress in pets just like humans poses a number of health risks and problems and decreases the quality of life and potentially shortens your life span. For these reasons it is now becoming recognised for dog owners to practice another part of pet wellness which involves finding out if there pet is stressed out.

Identifying factors to discover if your pet is stressed can be a bit tricky as this can also be identified with another type of underlying health problem.

1. Itching - All dogs itch from time to time its natural for them to have a scratch but pet owners should identify what may be causing them to itch excessively one common problem is fleas, lice, or in fact a skin allergy, which may be brought on by simply not using the correct brand of pet shampoo, once all these avenues have been explored and eliminated then it should be in fact considered that your dog maybe stressed, the Pet Warehouse stock sprays and plugins which release a natural appeasing pheromone proven to help dogs in a range of stressful situations, this is a natural product proven to comfort both puppies and adult dogs.

2. Excessive Shedding - The more stress a dog is placed under the more shedding of fur is evident, shedding of fur is also common when feeding your pet poor quality dog food, here at the Pet Warehouse we only stock well known brands and only select the best dog food for our customers, also another common problem which causes shedding is not enough sunlight or when the pores of the dogs skin close which allows fur to drop out, this is caused by vitamin loss and usually requires a vitamin called Biotin to help.

3. Lethargy - Pets which are generally lethargic is always a sign that something is not right and would need to be looked at urgently. Lethargy can stem from depression, poor diet and health also no exercise or a combination of the 3 which ultimately leads to unhappiness, usually a vet will require a stool sample to get to the root of this particular problem.

4. Aggression - A dog which is sick will have a tendency to be overly aggressive if approached or stroked, outside of this your pet could be the sufferer of depression and stress.

5. Lack of appetite - Dogs that are stressed, sick, or depressed will not have any appetite and eat very little or on some cases nothing at all, even turning there noses up at there favourite treats, this is another area of the first signs of stress and the owner should address this urgently to avoid illness later down the line.

6. Lack of interest - A dog that suddenly shows no interest in the things they were always excited about or enjoyed doing together is a sign of sickness, sadness or depression, owners should consider that the dog is sick first and then consider stress as the reason, the Pet Warehouse offer different medications to combat stress and anxiety in animals and other dog supplies to promote well being.

7. Passive Behaviour - The opposite of aggression some dogs will become passive when approached or stroked, which would indicate that the animal is stressed.

8. Negative Behaviour - Dogs who are bored will usually dig, chew, or bark constantly, a stressed or sad dog will also become increasingly destructive, this is also common in very intelligent breeds of dog who are left for hours on end and not exercised properly or mentally enough for there breed.

9. Change in bathroom habits - A dog that forgets and starts doing his business in the house which is normally house trained is again a sign that the animal is stressed out, although accidents do happen from time to time if this becomes a regular occurrence it would indicate that the dog is stressed out, obviously this would not apply to puppies during the early learning stages of house training but in more adult dogs, the Pet Warehouse offer dog supplies and dog training aids to help with this please see our website.

10. Sounds - Funny as this may seem cats can actually purr when they are stressed out believe it or not, were as a dog will growl at you when it is unhappy or sad.

11. Body Language - Many pets can be identified when suffering with stress, in particular dogs who tend to walk with there heads down and slouching when they walk, also lying down all the time and are generally less energetic. This could be a sign that your dog is not well but also that indeed the dog is stressed which would need the owner to take action.

Dogs are very perceptive animals and will adapt there mood to there environments so if there owner is stressed or angry the dog will pick up on this an they too will become agitated and in some cases aggressive, dogs are very open to the feelings of there owners, if you feel that stressed take a break, sometimes a change of scene on a particular walking route with the dog can work wonders, also try and learn your dog a particular word that reassures them that all is well and use this often to reassure them of this in stressful situations. We would also recommend if you think your dog is stressed not making direct eye contact with them all the time but turning away and sighing while also using the particular word you have chosen that the dog associates with calm and peace.

Another good idea when walking the dog is to keep them away from polluted environments like wasteland and busy roads where fumes etc can irritate the dogs eyes, try and take them to suburban areas away from noisy parks were just yourself can interact with them until they feel better to mix with other dogs and people.

We would also recommend a place at home to rest which is quite for the dog with no plugin air fresheners or other types of perfume that can cause anxiety or agitation to a dogs nose, as dogs noses are used for socialising with other dogs and one of the most important bodily features.

A well balanced diet using good quality branded dog food and natural foods (not leftovers) with plenty of exercise will keep your dog stress free and he will return this love and care with loyalty and lots of affection for his owner.

Dog Worming

There are 5 types of dog worm which can unfortunately harm your dog these include hookworms, whipworms, heartworms, roundworms and tapeworms. These can cause minor to major harm if not treated properly but ideally prevented before they occur, the Pet Warehouse stock a wide range of vetinary worming tablets and creams to prevent and cure worms in your dog should it be unfortunate enough to contract such a illness.

Roundworm - This is one of the most common types of worm that is usually passed onto puppies while they are still breast feeding which is passed on through the mothers milk although it can be passed on before birth, this type of worm can also be passed onto humans. the worm is an intestine worm and the worm causes weight loss in your dog and a pot bellied appearance. The worm multiples at an alarming rate and lives within the intestinal tract and if left untreated can cause death, it is recommended that you treat your dog with a regular schedule of de-wormer to prevent this worm in your pet, we have a range of de wormers available for treatment which will also kill any newly formed roundworms in puppies whilst weaning.

Hookworm - These types of worm are very similar to roundworm in the fact that they live in the intestines and are a lot smaller these worms hook onto the intestine wall and feed off blood which can cause anaemia and occasionally death, there a few symptoms of hookworm and they will not be visible in stools or vomit. We would recommend a visit to the vets to determine of your dog has contracted this type of worm who will carry out a stool analysis to determine whether your dog has this type of worm. Although this worm can be passed to humans it will not cause the same problems in humans as it will in canines as it can not penetrate human skin as it is much tougher and usually shows as an itchy rash with a worm type appearance.

Tapeworm - this type of worm is so named due to its appearance it is very flat and long and looks like a piece of tape these worms are also known medically as cestodes. The contraction of tapeworm is usually spread to dogs by the ingestion of fleas which are infected this is why its important to put in place regular preventative flea treatments in place such as frontline flea treatment. For instance, the flea feeds off an infected animal and picks ups the tapeworm egg then your dog eats the flea while grooming itself. The symptoms include nervousness, vomiting and itching around the anus area, weight loss and abdominal pain, get your dog to a vet if any of these symptoms occur.

Whipworm - This particular type of worm lives inside the colon (large intestine) of your pet and cannot be seen with the naked eye this worm is also substantially smaller than the other types of worm, these worms feed off the intestine wall of the dog symptoms include diarrhoea which contains blood and mucus, flatulence, weight loss and anaemia. The adult whipworm actually bites the tract of the intestine and embeds its head feeding off the blood there, the worm is treatable through a oral medication.

Heartworm - This type of worm is the most deadliest of them all this particular worm is passed through the mosquito, if it is passed to your pet and if your want your pet to be immune you must seek prevention, dog owners who should be aware of this type of worm live in warm, damp climates and will have a heavy mosquito problem so should you travel abroad with your dog then advice should be sought to prevent your dog from harm as contraction of this worm never really ends happily. If your dog contracts this and becomes infected there are a few treatments available most of these involve giving your dog limited doses of arsenic which can kill your pet. The heartworm as the name suggests lives in the arteries of the animal and enlarges causes the heart to fail by enlarging and eventually bursting the arteries. the symptoms include regular coughing, weight loss and a potbellied appearance.

As we know prevention is far better than cure and at the Pet Warehouse we have a range of top branded worming medicines that are both preventative and treatable in helping rid your dog of worms, so please be proactive and look after your canines health.

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