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Dog Grooming Supplies and Equipment

Dog Grooming Products

Dog grooming is important as not only does it make your kittens physical appearance look better but it has both health and psychological benefits also. As your pet dog reciprocates how you feel through its behaviour, it will feel much more content when its clean and healthy. Grooming also alerts you to signs of fleas ticks and mites or other problems your dog might be having.  At The Pet Warehouse we have all the dog grooming brushes, combs, coat strippers and clippers as well as a superb range dog shampoos and coat conditioners from all the best brands. 

Grooming Brushes and Combs

Pets have a lot of bacteria in their hair and thus constant bathing for them is as necessary as it is for you. A good brand of shampoo for your dog will not only clean him but also keep its hair soft, shiny and maintain a good growth preventing hair fall. Loss of hair in dogs and cats can not only be messy but may also give birth to diseases like asthma and different kind of allergies. Here at The Pet Warehouse we stock a wide variety of dog grooming brushes and combs from brands such as Beaphar, Pet Head and Rosewood. We also provide a fantastic range of clippers and grooming scissors for those dog owners who are able to groom there own pet.

Dog grooming supplies at The Pet Warehouse

Here at The Pet Warehouse we offer a great range of dog grooming products at cheap prices with fast delivery. Why not try our range of shampoos, conditioners and sprays to keep your dogs fur clean and healthy. Our dog towels are also perfect for drying your dog after they have been washed. Check out our range of dog grooming supplies now!