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Dog Leads and Collars

Dogs are 'a best mans friend' and support us in times of need and love us dearly, so the last thing should be to place a dog accessory on our beloved pet which will not make them feel 100% comfortable, this is why you should make sure that the dog collar you purchase is not to tight and fits perfectly in other words neither to tight or too loose that they can slip there dog collar.

The Pet Warehouse stock a wide range of dog collars from 100% leather to pvc to pure nylon dog collars. The leather range are more expensive than the nylon but do last a lot longer but hey the nylon dog collars do the job just as well so its important to set a budget on just how much you want to spend at the end of the day.

You recommend that you take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your dogs neck and note this down so that you can then purchase a dog collar that is going to be comfortable for your pet, colour is important as well so bring your dog along and check the colour against your pets fur to see which looks the best, another factor is dog collar thickness as it just would not look right having a nylon collar on the bigger dog breeds and would not be safe either so ne sure to check out our leather dog collar ranges for the larger dog, nylon collars would be ideal for smaller dogs or puppies, as we have a huge range of styles and designs for you to choose from here at the Pet Warehouse we are sure we will have a dog collar that's just right for your dog!

We also stock a range of dog leads including flexi extendable dog leads and also reflective safety leads to help motorists see you on those dark winter mornings and nights when walking your dog, we also stock good strong leather leads for the bigger dog as well as small fashionable nylon leads for the smaller dog and puppies which come in a vast range of colours and designs for your dog, we also have a range of specialist dog collars for whippet and greyhound dogs and other dog supplies for your pooch.