Three Benefits of a Scratching Post (For Cats)

By | August 28, 2015

cat-post-trainingIf you’re already a proud cat owner, you will know that no matter how much you love your bundle of fur, you just can’t get used to coming home and finding scratch marks everywhere.

Aside from protecting your furniture though, do scratching posts really come with any benefits, or are they more of a pastime for felines? Keep reading to find out.


Believe it or not, scratching posts are fantastic for maintaining a good claw shape, and even allowing your kitten or adult cat to let off a little bit of steam. Plus, it’s brilliant exercise for your feline, and they are sure to be grateful for having a place to release all their furniture-destroying temptations.


For kittens, coming into an entirely new place with strangers can, understandably, be extremely daunting. But a scratch post is a wonderful way to allow them to attach themselves to something during the early stages of their life. It also provides them with a place to use up their energy, so consider investing in a few pet accessories to entice and entertain them.

Meet in the Middle

If you already have pet cats or you’re planning to introduce several into your home, a scratching post can act as a ‘meet in the middle’ ground for your kittens. It encourages interaction and play, giving your felines something to bond over.

These are just three benefits of scratch posts for cats. If you’re looking for a post for your cat or kitten, The Pet Warehouse Co highly recommends the Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratch Post as it is both simple and stylish and the most durable on the market.