Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet

By | September 26, 2015

It’s all good and well that you’ve always wanted a cat, dog or a goldfish, but are you fully aware of what it entails and your responsibility towards your pet?

Read on for a few things that may not have crossed your mind when you locked eyes with that gorgeous little puppy you have your heart set on.

Pets are not an accessory

Do not just fall in love with the cosmetic value of a pet. All pets are cute, but read on to see how much maintenance they may need.

Consider current pets

Do you already have pets? Then it is important to consider your current pet’s feelings towards a new arrival and how they may feel about sharing their territory.

Neighbourhood/Location/Tenancy Agreement

Is your home and its surroundings animal-friendly? Is your house directly in front of a road? Is there a risk that your pet could have an accident or come across other neighbourhood pets? Does your housing association/tenancy agreement allow you to have pets in the building?


Do you have young children? If so, it is important to consider the effects of an animal around your child and vice-versa. Younger children are often unsure of how to behave around animals and are known for pulling their tails out of curiosity. Animals get quite possessive about their tails and this could provoke the pet to attack.

Educate Yourself

Do you have a particular breed of animal in mind? Do you know enough about that type of animal? Do your research beforehand and prepare yourself.


Have you considered if anyone in your household or close to you has an allergy to animals? It wouldn’t be fair to let a pet get used to you and settle in, only to then be given away due to the realisation that your best friend has an allergic reaction to your pet.


Who will take responsibility for the pet with regards to the care and liability? What impact would this have on you and your current responsibilities? Does having a pet adapt to your lifestyle? Are you able to deal with accidents your pet may have around the house? Who will look after your pet if you are away? Some pets also require constant attention and care. Do you have the time for this or are you already running a pretty tight schedule? Would your pet ever get neglected? You will also need sufficient time to train your pet, do you have the time?


There is more maintenance involved in having a pet than meets the eye. Apart from food and treats, have you considered the following, as regular expenses for the lifespan of your chosen pet?

  • Initial purchase fee
  • Neutering or spaying fee (if applicable)
  • Microchipping Fee
  • Regular health checks
  • Medical costs (annual vaccinations, regular de-fleaing and worming) and/or future ill health/disabilities
  • Pet carriers and equipment
  • Litter and equipment
  • Collars and accessories
  • Grooming equipment
  • Toys and entertainment

Long term

Pets are generally for the long term, and most owners get extremely attached to their pets, as they become part of the family pretty quickly. Have you considered the future and average life span of your pet to see if you can accommodate it for that whole length of time and beyond?

If you have a pet in mind, remember, there are a lot of things to consider beforehand and ensure you are educated on that particular animal, enough to be able to provide the correct care and attention that it needs. And don’t forget, for a wide range of pet products and accessories;  visit The Pet Warehouse for all your pet’s needs and beyond.