The Benefits Of Re-homing A Dog

By | December 30, 2015

There is no doubt that a dog can be a great companion, considering that once they have already given their loyalty, they would remain loyal until they die. That is also why many people consider having them as an additional member of the family. However, before deciding having one, you should also consider the fact that there are many dogs out there who also need to have a home. That is why it would still be best to re-home a dog.
Why should you re-home a dog?
Save a life
One of the main reason why you should re-home one is to save a life. It is a fact that many of them killed or euthanized because of the reason that only a few people are willing to provide them shelter. Moreover, some of the institutions who takes care of them have a limited space as well.
• Save money
We all know how expensive it is to buy a dog from a pet shop but re-homing them from a shelter is considerably less expensive. Moreover, most of them have already been fixed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. This only means that when you re-home one, you would truly be able to save money, which is a great thing since you could use your money to buy them the things that they needed such as their food.
Feel better
Nothing could make you feel better than knowing the fact that you are able to save both their lives and your money. Moreover, the dog that you would rehome would surely bring a smile to you and your family member’s faces. They would give you unconditional love and they would always be by your side.
• Find the one that would suit you
Since animal shelter provides home to different kinds of dogs, you would surely be able to find the one that perfectly suits you and your family. The dogs from the animal shelter are of different ages and most of them are already adults. Thus, you would be able to determine whether the personality of the dog suits you or not. Moreover, the staffs at the animal shelter would even help you find the perfect dog for you.
You are not supporting puppy farms
You might have probably know but there are indeed dog-breeding facilities that are of the factory style. These are called puppy farms and what makes them worse is the fact that they often treat dogs poorly. They are often housed on poor conditions and they are not even given proper medical care. By re-homing them, you are showing that you are against these puppy farms. You are also helping to stop the cruelty by breeding facilities to dogs.
Aside from the things mentioned above, you are also encouraging others to re-home a dog as well. Moreover, there are tons of people who were greatly satisfied in doing so. They have earned a good friend who would always be there with them until the end no matter what happens.