International Homeless Animals Day

With pets being abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the street every day, International Homeless Animals Day (15th August 2015) is an annual occasion designed to raise awareness of this cause, and encourage individuals to support organisations who take homeless pets in. If this cause resonates with you or you’re keen to find… Read More »

Why Your Class Needs a Pet…

Attention teachers and parents. Did you know that a classroom pet can have a positive effect on children? Interacting with and taking responsibility for an animal, either as a small group or as a whole class, can improve social skills, behaviour, and attitudes towards school and learning. Some families will have pets at home, with… Read More »

Walk This Way: Lead-Friendly Pets

Playtime is always the best time to bond with your pet, whatever that pet might be. It is also the perfect opportunity to get them out and about, in the fresh air and enjoying some exercise. This is because your pet will associate you and your bonding opportunities with the fun and excitement of precious… Read More »

How To Train Your (Tiny) Dragon

If you’re a parent or an adult with a soft spot for animated movie hits, it is likely you will know all about Toothless and his delightful disposition, as seen in How To Train Your Dragon (2010) and How To Train Your Dragon II (2014). These films helped to introduce the idea of pet dragons,… Read More »

How To Build A Bunny-Perfect Salad

Small pets make wonderful companions, and rabbits are among the most popular because of their distinct personalities. When it comes to care and maintenance though, you need to know what you’re doing. You see, whilst there are plenty of pet products out there to keep your rabbit entertained and comfortable, ensuring they have a rounded and healthy… Read More »

A Guide to the Best Grooming Brushes

Those of you lucky enough to own a cat or dog will know that grooming is a treat, both for them and you. They enjoy the attention they get whilst you smooth their fur, as well as the comfortable, knot-free coat they sport afterwards. Plus, you enjoy quality time with a content pup or purring… Read More »

Which Lizard Suits Your Lifestyle

So you want a pet. A nice, reptilian pet that has its own distinct personality but isn’t too high maintenance. You also want this pet to suit your lifestyle. After all, if you dart in and out or find yourself up at all hours, certain conventional pets won’t suit. That is why we have put… Read More »

Pooches and Parasites: Flea Season 2015

If you have an energetic four-legged friend who enjoys long walks and rolling about on the grass, you (and they) will be pleased to see the arrival of spring. Unfortunately though, the warmer weather means your dog can also expect a heightened risk of fleas. Yes, flea season 2015 is here, so it’s time you… Read More »

How To Keep Your Pet Cool

Summer is a fun time for pets and their owners. Dogs get to enjoy long walks along the beach or through the park, cats can sun themselves on just about any surface, and small pets get a little more run of the garden than they do in winter months. With the hot weather though comes… Read More »

Cat Care: Flea Season 2015

Beware felines and feline owners; flea season is here. Whilst late summer is considered the peak season, the balmy conditions that come with spring mean you need to watch out for infestations and do your best to prevent them in the first place. In an average infestation, the cat flea population consists of 50% eggs,… Read More »