During winter, many birds tend to change their eating habit. Birds will start searching for reliable sources of food to survive the harsh winter weather. Birds that eat insects for most of the year will start eating berries to supplement their diets. One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy birds in your backyard during… Read More »


Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food Grain-free dog food is one of the best ways to help dogs that have problems digesting the high-grain content commonly found in several dog foods. You can find these grain-free dog food in both dry and canned forms. The recipes have a higher protein content, comes with more digestible animal… Read More »

Bonfire Night And Fireworks: Keep Your Pets Calm

As you can imagine, most domestic pets do not like fireworks. Whilst we enjoy the loud bangs and amazing colours from fireworks your pets will be stressed and agitated and may display real signs of fear. Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can help prevent them from becoming stressed out around fireworks. Here… Read More »

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet

It’s all good and well that you’ve always wanted a cat, dog or a goldfish, but are you fully aware of what it entails and your responsibility towards your pet? Read on for a few things that may not have crossed your mind when you locked eyes with that gorgeous little puppy you have your… Read More »

Fun House

At The Pet Warehouse, we love all kinds of pets from bearded lizards to sea otters. So to show our passion for all animals, we have put together some fun facts about them, which you may or may not know… The longest lifespan of a goldfish is the same as that of a middle-aged human;… Read More »

Hello Kitty

The feeling when getting a new kitten is just unexplainable; watching her saunter hesitantly out of her new cage when you bring her home for the first time. Softly padding her paws on the carpet to get a feel for where she is, in this new environment; which will end up being her own turf… Read More »

A Weighty Issue

In most cases, the primary cause of your feline’s weight gain will usually be down to over-eating. Once you have eliminated any medical concerns and confirmed that yes, maybe you have been a little heavy handed with the treats lately, now would be the time to do something about it. We all know that saying… Read More »

World’s Favourite Fictional Pets

The world of fiction is awash with pets of all kinds, but perhaps the most prominent and ‘larger than life’ characters come in the form of the three most common types; fish, cats and dogs. This isn’t to say fiction is restricted to these three pets though, so feel free to add your own favourite… Read More »

Celebrating Dog Day

Whether you’ve had your four-legged friend for years, or you’ve only just introduced your pup to his or her new home, on Dog Day (26th August 2015), you can spoil them rotten. Dogs are such a great addition to the family, and they are, quite simply, friends for life, making this day, dedicated to man’s… Read More »