Keeping Your Dog Fit over Winter

By | January 8, 2016

Keeping your dog fit and healthy over the winter season when it is often dark, wet & cold can be a real problem. One answer you may want to try is to maximize any time spent outdoors by using inter-active & retrieval dog toys.
It can be great fun and an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog as you toss a dog toy or a ball and watch them bring it back. You can also try walking or running the opposite direction from where you through the ball to give you and your dog that extra bit of exercise. If you are not very good at throwing why not try a ball launcher such as the Happy Pet Fling N Fetch.

Play Indoors
If the weather is just too bad to go outside then you can invent some fun games to play indoors. Simply rolling a ball or a dog toy the length of your hallway or living room for your dog to chase and return will help. Hide and seek is also another way for you to keep your dog fit over the winter. Call your dog and reward him when he is able to find you. Even hiding smelly toys and treats around the house is another thing for you to consider. You and your dog can play a tug-of war by pulling a stuffed toy that is attached on a rope or even an old towel. Just use your imagination!

Dog Treat Balls
There are a number of products now on the market that encourage your dog to retrieve a toy that you have thrown, such as the Kong Marathon Ball and treat range. These can be a very effective way to train your dog whilst keeping it fit.
Try to teach your dog to help out around the house by picking up its toys and putting them back in a basket. Most dogs love to learn new and interesting things. This is also a one way for you to have good bonding session with your favorite pet.
If you wish, you may bring your dog to one of our pet-friendly stores and this will offer it new interesting smells and sights. This will also help to burn a few calories and relieve boredom for you both.

Safety First
If this blog does inspire you just a little and you do decide to get out a bit more this winter remember to stay safe and make sure you and your best friend can be seen! Hi-Vis jackets, LED flashing lights, torches and any number of road safety aids are available from our website and in our stores.