Hello Kitty

By | September 10, 2015

The feeling when getting a new kitten is just unexplainable; watching her saunter hesitantly out of her new cage when you bring her home for the first time. Softly padding her paws on the carpet to get a feel for where she is, in this new environment; which will end up being her own turf pretty soon.

When they are kittens they are so playful, running around mischievously and being afraid of sudden noises. Over the course of the next few days, you’ll find their personalities grow as they familiarise themselves with their new environment. They tend to discover random places they like to sleep in and squeeze themselves into small spaces. They pick up on your smell and voice pretty quickly too, recognising your presence and familiarising themselves with your movements and routine. This is when they start to recognise their name, as you must have called them by it quite a few times by now; they love the sound of your voice.

Then as they grow older they tend to become quieter, trotting about their territory, occasionally seeking attention and of course, food. Cats may seem like they are constantly hungry; they’re not, they’re just greedy!

Throughout their journey of growing up, they become a core member of your family and you realise you become very protective of them. They have their own personalities and their own traits and habits. They make you laugh and fill you with happiness. So we tend to reward them with treats and nibbles. However, this isn’t always a healthy way of rewarding cats, eventually, they will put on weight, which could lead to potential health problems.

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