Fun House

By | September 19, 2015

At The Pet Warehouse, we love all kinds of pets from bearded lizards to sea otters. So to show our passion for all animals, we have put together some fun facts about them, which you may or may not know…

  • The longest lifespan of a goldfish is the same as that of a middle-aged human; 40
  • Dogs can make all sorts of different expressions, approximately around 100 in total
  • Cats do not sweat as they have no glands to sweat from, whereas dogs sweat from beneath their feet, which explains why they pant a lot
  • A cat’s body has more bones than the human body; 230, which makes them a lot more flexible than us
  • Tarantulas can grow back their legs if they are broken
  • Birds have to eat at least half of their body weight to survive a day and have a heart rate of around 400 beats per minute – during rest!
  • Goldfish have no memory; a dog’s memory lasts around 5 minutes and a cat’s memory can last over half a day!
  • A turtle has no teeth
  • Cats can make around 100 different sounds, whereas dogs can make about 10
  • Ever noticed that your cat has 18 toes in total rather than 20? Five each on the front paws and four each on the back
  • Dogs see the colour red as the colour grey
  • A Dalmatian develops spots during its lifetime; it is initially born plain white
  • Cats tongues have a sandpaper-like feel that is coated in papillae that are like hooks, which help them when they are catching their prey and grooming themselves
  • Just like humans are identified with individual fingerprints, a cat’s identity can be told by its nose, which has a distinctive, individual pattern
  • Gerbils exchange saliva in order to recognise each other
  • Goldfish don’t have stomachs, even though they eat!
  • A scorpion has terrible eyesight, but can have up to 12 eyes!
  • Cats cannot taste sweets
  • Chocolate can kill cats and dogs
  • A cat’s whiskers are to determine space; if a cat loses its whiskers it wouldn’t be able to walk straight and would lose balance
  • Ants never sleep
  • Cats brains are more similar to humans brains, as opposed to a dog
  • Cats love hearing their own name
  • Dogs rely on their ears more than their eyes. They have better hearing than sight
  • The taste buds of a butterfly are in its feet
  • The crow is an extremely intelligent bird
  • A turtle can breathe through its rear end
  • There is no such thing as a vegetarian cat
  • Sea otters sleep while holding hands; to avoid losing each other
  • Male mosquitos don’t bite, only the female ones do
  • Female whales and elephants go through the menopause
  • Snakes can see even with their eyes closed

Animals are amazing huh? We think so too!

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