Fitting Your Dog for a Dog Coat

By | November 4, 2013

A dog coat is an essential piece of kit for a dog owner. They help to keep your pooch warm and comfortable in the winter, and dry when the rain decides to start pouring in the middle of your walk! Dog coats needn’t just be for winter either; there are plenty of lightweight dog coats and coats with removable inner layers that are ideal for those chilly spring and autumn days where a thin layer would make your dog that bit more comfortable.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Move Comfortably

It is vital that the dog coat you choose fits your dog correctly. There are a huge range of sizes on the market to sit every breed and shape, so finding one to fit your dog shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure you measure the length from the base of his neck to the base of his tail, and the width of his girth. Many dog coats fasten around the neck too so make sure you measure the circumference to make sure it won’t be too tight.

As with dog collars, you should be able to get a couple of fingers under the coat without too much trouble; this is a general guideline. Make sure your dog can move properly and comfortably without injuring or choking himself – he’ll be doing plenty of running around when he has a dog coat to keep him warm!

Reflective Dog Coats are Perfect for Winter

When it does come to winter though, reflective dog coats are perfect. The Animate selection features a reflective band around the middle of the coat and is a highly visible yellow, so your dog can easily be seen by you, other walkers and drivers too. With a cosy inner layer for when the weather turns icy, these reflective dog coats are multi-purpose and can easily be stowed in your bag or pocket when they’re not required.


Here at The Pet Warehouse we boast a huge selection of dog coats, reflective and otherwise. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight raincoat or a thick, durable dog coat to keep your pooch warm in the snow, we’ll have the perfect dog coat for your requirements – and it’s sure to fit your dog too as we stock a wide range of sizes!
If you would like more information about our dog coats please don’t hesitate to contact us.