By | December 12, 2015

During winter, many birds tend to change their eating habit. Birds will start searching for reliable sources of food to survive the harsh winter weather. Birds that eat insects for most of the year will start eating berries to supplement their diets. One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy birds in your backyard during winter is by feeding them. If you offer excellent bird food during winter, you’ll find a whole variety of birds visiting your feeders.
Feeding birds
Knowing the food we supply to wild birds especially during winter may be their only source of nutrition. Food varieties include sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet, fruits and much more. High fat content bird food are considered the best because it helps the wild birds conserve more than enough energy for use during frigid winter nights. Below is a list of bird foods that are excellent choices for majority of these common winter birds.
Sunflower Seeds
These are by far the best of all foods to offer wild birds regardless of the season of the year. These seeds come with a higher oil content in comparison to other types of sunflower seeds which makes them more nourishing. These food can be offered in hopper feeder or platform
Suet/ Fat Balls
If you are looking for the best foods with high calories to offer wild birds, then consider suet. Many people tend to avoid suet because it can melt when the weather is a bit warm, but it is a great food for wild birds during winter months. It comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes and is blended with different ingredients, making it a favorite choice of food among different species of bird.
These are high calorie, fat-rich nuts and are a great choice for loads of backyard birds such as magpies, jays, doves and finches. Peanuts can withstand even the toughest weathers. It can either be offered whole or shelled. These nuts can also be mixed with suet for feeding wild birds during winter.
Niger Seeds
Niger, also known as thistle seed, is a favorite wild bird food that’s rich in calories which helps birds conserve enough fat needed to stay warm all through winter period. Niger is adequately treated so as not to germinate if spilled on the ground. These seeds attract species such as bullfinch and goldfinch.
Fruits is one of the best wild bird food in the winter. Top favorite include banana slices, halved grapes, chopped apples, orange wedges and melon rinds. This is a natural food source these birds can greatly rely on.