Dog Supplies for Exercise

By | December 19, 2013

Exercise is essential for dogs; they should be given the chance to explore, play and run around at least once a day – depending on the age and breed of your dog they may need walking several times a day.

So the first dog supplies you’ll need for exercising your dog are of course, a lead and collar. However, some dogs are more difficult to walk than others; some get excitable around other dogs and may strain on the lead, while others may not respond well to strangers and act aggressively.

Though there are techniques you can use to help minimise and stop this behaviour, in the meantime you’ll need something to help keep your dog under control when you’re out and about.

Need Help Controlling Your Dog When Out Walking?

A harness is often the best way to do this. There are various styles available but they are all designed to help make exerting more control over your dog easier, making them easier to walk. Harnesses make it harder for your dog to pull on the lead and, as long as they fit properly and comfortably, will cause no discomfort or harm to your pet. You can find a great range of harnesses in our dog supplies.


Muzzles are another form of exercising control over your dog and are the best choice for dogs that can be aggressive and for those that like to eat or chew anything they come across! Although they may not look too lovely, all our dog muzzles put your dog’s welfare first and fit comfortably, allowing your dog to pant and drink as normal.
So now you’re sorted for walking your dog, you’ll need some dog supplies to keep him entertained on the walk! Throwing toys are excellent for letting your dog burn off excess energy and it’s lots of fun for owners too!

All the Dog Supplies You Need…

If you’re into training your dog, dog whistles are ideal when walking. By using different pitches you can train your dog for different things, and because the frequency is higher than human ears can detect there’s no need to worry about disturbing others.


You can find all of the above dog supplies for exercising and much more by browsing our extensive selection of pet supplies. If you have any questions about our dog suppliers, please don’t hesitate to get i touch.