Choosing the Right Dog Kennels

By | November 12, 2013

When looking for the right dog kennel there are a few important factors to bear in mind. You may be tempted to opt for a cheaper dog kennel but this is not wise; many cheap dog kennels don’t provide adequate warmth and comfort for your pet, putting him at risk of health problems – not to mention discomfort.

Size and Shape is Important

Obviously, the size of the dog kennel is the first and foremost important part of choosing the correct kennel. Dog kennels should provide enough space for your dog to comfortably lie down and turn around; a general rule of thumb is that kennels should be at least 4 inches taller and longer than your dog. Make sure that you have adequate space for a dog kennel and that it is easily accessible for both you and your dog.

While the size of a dog kennel is important, the shape is too; a larger kennel is perfect for smaller dogs, allowing them to burn off some energy in the space. In this case, a longer, thinner kennel would be more suitable. The location of your dog kennel is also important; it should be kept as sheltered as possible away from the wind and rain, with the entrance preferably facing away from any draughty areas. A dog’s kennel is his home – it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

Here at The Pet warehouse we offer a great range of dog kennels in various sizes, suitable for any breed, budget and space requirement. All of our outdoor dog kennels are made from high quality timber and feature a waterproof felt roof to keep your dog warm, dry and cosy in bad weather. Available from leading brands Rosewood and Sharples & Grant, these dog kennels are weather treated for added durability and come with plastic feed to prevent rising damp – what more could a dog want?

dog kennels

Designer Dog Kennels

The Rosewood range includes ‘classic style’ dog kennels with apex roofs decorated with red terracotta felt, creating a style statement for any garden or yard!

They also benefit from a convenient pull out floor which makes the dog kennel very easy to clean, and adjustable feet meaning these kennels are suitable for uneven ground.
When it comes to choosing the perfect dog kennel, there really is no need to go looking anywhere else other than The Pet Warehouse!

Take a look at our range of dog kennels today or contact us for more information.