By | December 3, 2015

Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food
Grain-free dog food is one of the best ways to help dogs that have problems digesting the high-grain content commonly found in several dog foods. You can find these grain-free dog food in both dry and canned forms. The recipes have a higher protein content, comes with more digestible animal fats and less carbohydrates as compared to the grain-based dog food. Grain-free diets are healthy options for a wide range of pets including dogs. Some of the benefits of grain-free dog foods include:

1. It makes it easier for pets to digest easily as most dogs do not have the digestive salivary amylase enzyme, which helps in the breakdown of starch carbohydrates into simple sugar compounds. If the enzymes are not present, the pets will perhaps experience digestion problems. Eliminating these grains help improve a dog’s digestions

2. There is a significant improvement in the dog’s skin and its digestive allergy conditions.

3. Dogs with several health conditions such as celiac disease, predisposition to bladder stones, allergies, canine inflammatory bowel disease and much more, will most definitely respond well to grain-free diet

4. Grain free dog food formulas come with a larger ratio of meat in the ingredients, ultimately serving as a healthy protein source for pets including dogs. Since dogs are considered to be natural carnivores, diets which has high concentration of meat aid dog’s digestion

Other benefits include:
Dogs eat less food on a daily basis because it keeps them full for a very long time; reduces canine food allergies; gives more energy; since more food is being used and digested, it leads to fewer and smaller stools; better breath; shinier coat; less shedding; and healthier skin.

Remember, when changing your dogs food you must ween them off the old food and on to the new food gradually by adding small amounts of the new food at first, then slowly increasing the the ratio.