A Weighty Issue

By | September 3, 2015

In most cases, the primary cause of your feline’s weight gain will usually be down to over-eating. Once you have eliminated any medical concerns and confirmed that yes, maybe you have been a little heavy handed with the treats lately, now would be the time to do something about it.

We all know that saying “no” to our cats is pretty difficult, especially considering they are borderline greedy 99.9% of the time. So how do you go about helping your cat shed those extra pounds?

We have put together a few tips that we think that may help to kick-start their “diet”.

  • Ensure that the neighbours are not feeding or offering your cat anything whilst they are outdoors. Not all people are aware of what you can or can’t feed certain pets, and neither would they know any medical information directly relating to your pet.
  • First things first, take your cat to the vets for health and nutritional advice, and to rule out any potential underlying medical issues. If the cause of weight gain is overeating, then the vet will usually ask for his/her eating pattern and recommend smaller/lighter meals. You should also perhaps consider starting them on some weight control food for cats?
  • Do NOT fall for your cat’s soulful “Puss in Boots” eyes when they want something. Just remember, cats are natural grazers and will eat as much as you feed them, and then some! So no, your cat is NOT hungry; they are just incredibly greedy animals.
  • Keep a close eye on any behaviour changes in your cat’s mood. When cats put on weight, they tend to laze around more and feel sorry for themselves. Ensure you are keeping your fabulous feline motivated and busy throughout the day, encouraging daily exercise and exhausting them into sleeping more during the night, to avoid cheeky grazing/hunting whilst you are upstairs getting some shut eye. Why not invest in a cat teaser toy and play with your cat before bedtime? It will keep them running around for as long as you would like them to, and tire them out.

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