Facts You should Know About Ticks On Dogs

Ticks are an external parasite mostly found on mammals. They feed and live on blood and also come with serious health risks if not properly cared treated. A study, led by Bristol University, discovered that there is a huge increase in the UK population of ticks which are carrying some really quite nasty diseases which… Read More »


Female dogs become sexually active after six months of age and will usually come into heat twice annually. So if you are yet to de-sex (spay) your female dog, you should know that upon the first time of mating with a male dog she’ll most likely become pregnant. A frequently asked question is: how long… Read More »

Cats Need A Good Diet and Exercise Too!

Earlier this year, we featured a post on dog obesity, a growing problem in the UK and according to some statistics; it’s also an issue for our cats. The Guardian recently reported one in three dogs and one in four cats (even rabbits) are considered overweight or obese in the United Kingdom. Similar to dogs,… Read More »


Obesity is an accumulation of excess fat in the body due to excessive intake of an energy (calorie). In recent years, there has been increasing numbers of obese dogs and cats globally especially in the UK. Dog obesity is something professional veterinary and even owners are concerned about. Obesity is one of the commonest yet… Read More »

Keeping Your Dog Fit over Winter

Keeping your dog fit and healthy over the winter season when it is often dark, wet & cold can be a real problem. One answer you may want to try is to maximize any time spent outdoors by using inter-active & retrieval dog toys. It can be great fun and an enjoyable experience for both… Read More »

Benefits of Feeding Natural Treats to Dogs

As a responsible and caring dog owner, it is vital for you to ensure the healthy condition of your dog. The diet of your dog has its essential role to ensure its overall health condition. And just like with humans, dogs should also be introduced to a good balanced diet. This way, they can maintain… Read More »

The Benefits Of Re-homing A Dog

There is no doubt that a dog can be a great companion, considering that once they have already given their loyalty, they would remain loyal until they die. That is also why many people consider having them as an additional member of the family. However, before deciding having one, you should also consider the fact… Read More »